Hypertension Treatment

Omega 3 Could Reduce Hypertension

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which is very much essential for the normal growth and development of a human being. This fatty acid cannot be manufactured by the body but had to be attained from different sources– basically diet. Its main sources are fish and plant oil.

Now you might be thinking about the link between omega 3 and hypertension. In various studies it has been proved that omega 3 prevents the thickening of the arteries which is the main reason behind hypertension. Apart from hypertension, Omega 3 can also help to treat heart diseases like stroke, heart failure, heart attacks, and high levels of cholesterol.

Sources for Omega 3 can be mainly divided into 4 parts-

Fish sources- Salmon, Mackerel , Tuna, Sardines are some of the species of fish that have Omega 3.

Plant or vegetable sources- Nuts, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Flax Seed Oil, and Humus are some of the chief plant sources of Omega 3. In fact, there are many vegetables rich in Omega 3. These sources are easily available and are also quite tasty.

Egg sources- Chicken and duck eggs as well as milk are good sources of omega 3.

Salba- This is a relatively newer source of Omega 3. It is basically available in the tablet form. In fact, its manufacturers claim that it is the richest source of Omega 3.

As regards the dosage, at least 100gm of Omega 3 should be included in your daily diet. For those people who do not like to take fish, can buy omega 3 fish oil supplements or can resort to the other tablets available. It has been proven that omega 3 can reduce blood pressure and therefore its efficacy has no questions at all.

Apart from this, Omega 3 can be very beneficial for your health in the long term. It can help you overcome mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and panic. Skin diseases, Alzheimer, arthritis, insomnia can also be treated by taking a regular diet rich in omega 3.

But, be careful as Omega 3 is not devoid of side effects. Its overuse can lead to bleeding, hemorrhagic strokes, unwanted bacteria, and vitamin poisoning. Therefore, doctor's consultation is a must before you start to take Omega 3 supplements.