Hypertension Treatment

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Natural Treatments

Pulmonary hypertension is abnormal high blood pressure in the lungs arteries. It is termed "Primary" as there is no other disease of the lungs or heart that can cause high blood pressure. The causes of high blood pressure or pulmonary hypertension are unknown. Genetic defect can though be one of the reasons. It can be result due to greater resistance to blood flow. Due to workload, the right side of the heart gets enlarged. As a result progressive heart failure may develop. For further information, read Hypertension And Pulmonary Veno-Occlusive.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension does not have a proper cure. The treatment administered helps to relieve the symptoms and further retards the progress of the disease. The purpose of treatments is to keep at bay any complications that may be involved with the condition.

Blood pressure medicine and diuretics get rid of excess fluid that gets accumulated example Lasix. But it must be kept in mind that these medicines must be cautiously used, so that the chances of dehydration are minimized. The calcium channel blockers such as nifedipine help the muscles to relax in the blood vessel walls. This proves helpful for the proper functioning of the right side of our heart. Blood pressure medication also helps keep heart rate and blood pressure under control.

Other primary pulmonary hypertension natural treatments include:

1) Prostacycline, is effective in decreasing resistance to blood flow and dilating blood vessels of the lungs.

2) Inhaling nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels in the lungs and does not affect the blood vessels of the rest of the body. Sildrafil is another investigational drug used alongside nitric oxide inhalation treatment.

3) Using Bosentan may help reduce blood pressure.

Along with the treatments there must be regular blood pressure readings with attention towards changes in overall health and monitoring reports thereof. Primary pulmonary hypertension natural treatments also help in the treatment of high blood pressure.