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Related Risk Factors For Atherosclerosis

Most of us want to know about the term "diet-related risk factors for atherosclerosis" but are not able to gain enough information on diet-related risk factors for atherosclerosis. Blood pressure is a measure of the force that the circulating blood exercises on the walls of the main arteries. The main causes of high blood pressure are inappropriate diet, excessive salt and alcohol intake, lack of exercise and obesity. This often causes the blood pressure to rise with the age. To control this, one should take the designed diet for high blood pressure and keep a record of blood pressure readings. If blood pressure levels are under control, there is nearly no threat to one's life. When one is suffering from atherosclerosis, one needs to take right diet to avoid the risk. Diet for atherosclerosis includes less salt intake, fat free products, products rich in fiber and potassium, fruits and vegetables taken in moderate amounts. For more information, read Diet Management Is For BP Management.

Despite the fact that there is no sure shot cure for BP, there is nothing to be disheartened about, for one can follow few ways to lower blood pressure and that does the trick well enough to reduce blood pressure- avoid salty foods, reduce weight, stay away from fats, take vitamins and minerals, and stay away from alcohol and smoking. These things will help in lowering high blood pressure and protect you from the adverse effects of high blood pressure, which are really quite damaging. So, stay alert and be happy!