Hypertension Treatment

Saw Palmetto For High Blood Pressure

There are many ways by which you can cure your problem of high blood pressure. As the word is spreading that allopathic treatments can cause several side effects, more and more people are shifting their focus on natural ways of treating hypertension. Of them, the one I am discussing today is Saw Palmetto.

More than females, men would have heard of Saw Palmetto, as these are the dietary supplements that many of the males consume. The origin of Saw Palmetto can be credited to North America. It is a palm tree that can grow up to a height of nine feet or more. The leaves of the trees are fan-shaped, bearing pale-colored flowers and its fruit are reddish brown. Almost all the parts of this palm tree are useful in treating one or the other disease afflicting the human body, but its benefits towards high blood pressure are extremely good.

The use of Saw Palmetto in treating high blood pressure is not a recent one. Several parts of the plant have been used since ages to cure diseases. But recently more focus has been shifted in effectively treating hypertension or high blood pressure. The fruits or the berries produced by Saw Palmetto particularly have good benefits for patients suffering from high blood pressure. The fruits are dried and then grounded, after which they can be consumed in the form of tea. If you refrain from taking tea, you can also take them in the form of dietary supplements.

Besides treating high blood pressure, the extracts from the plant are also used in treating other diseases that are related to the reproductive system of the human body. The roots of this plant are very effective in treating defective kidneys. The active ingredient in Saw Palmetto to treat high blood pressure is known as beta-sitosterol. It works by reducing stress levels in the body and by dilating the blood vessels.

A lot of research is still being carried out in this direction and scientists are coming out with better ways for treating hypertension with the use of this plant.

Though this medicine has negligible side effects, but to be on a safer side, it is advisable that you consult a doctor before indulging yourself in this type of high blood pressure treatment. A diligent use of Saw Palmetto can take away your hypertension woes forever indeed.