Hypertension Treatment

Set Goals Before You Treat High Blood Pressure

Treating high blood pressure is a must as the problem brings along numerous health risks. But before you begin to treat high blood pressure, it is important that you set your goals. You should know the levels to which you need to bring down your blood pressure before you start with your treatment. The desired blood pressure levels or goals depend upon the present health condition and blood pressure levels of an individual.

There are many people who deal with the problem of high blood pressure. However, the condition is not the same with every individual. For instance, while one individual may have blood pressure that is slightly higher than the normal count. On the other hand, there are people whose blood pressure levels go far beyond the ideal limit and fall into the high risk category.

Depending upon how high the blood pressure level of an individual is, hypertension patients can be broadly categorized into two categories i.e. complicated patients and uncomplicated patients. The target blood pressure levels of these two groups vary from one another.

Complicated patients
These are the patients who have several other health problems along with high blood pressure. Diabetes, heart disorders and heart diseases, kidney disorders etc are some of the most common health problems that co-exist with high blood pressure. This explains why these people have extremely high blood pressure levels.

People who fall in the 'complicated patients' category need more aggressive treatment. Since these people are suffering from several health issues simultaneously, the specified blood pressure levels for them is as follows:

* Systolic Pressure <130
* Diastolic Pressure <85

Uncomplicated patients
As the name suggests, these patients are slightly easier to deal with. These patients have blood pressure levels that do not fall in the 'high risk' category. Uncomplicated patients can simply be referred to as patients who are not dealing with any other disease or health problem along with high blood pressure.  Also, the patients who fall in this category are the ones who have not developed any problem in the organs due to high blood pressure.

In most cases, the blood pressure levels in uncomplicated patients can be brought down to normal by introducing lifestyle changes along with the use of medicines. The blood pressure goals for this group are:

* Systolic Pressure <140
* Diastolic Pressure <90

Achieving the goals
To ascertain whether or not you are on your way to achieving the set goals, you must monitor the blood pressure levels on a regular basis. If you are going in for a more aggressive treatment or have fairly high blood pressure levels then you must monitor your blood pressure more frequently.