Hypertension Treatment

The Alternative Ways To Control Blood Pressure

You can treat your hypertension and hypotension in several ways. There are so many treatments available for both type of blood pressure. To know in detailed or to know which treatment is suitable for your condition you can consult your doctor. Don' try any of them on your own, they might jeopardize your life. These include the following:

In China, acupuncture has been a great part of primary health-care for the last 5,000 years. With the help of it you can prevent the development of a disease and if developed, you can treat it. Many studies have shown that it can also lower your blood pressure.

There are also some special acupuncture needles. When you insert these needs gently into particular points on the skin, they will stimulate the nerves that reach your brain and cells in the brain which control your blood pressure. So, with the help of acupuncture, you can also control your blood pressure level.

As per Ayurveda, high blood pressure involves the heart, all the doshas, and the blood vessels. In Ayurveda, the treatment is all about correcting the balance of vata dosha.In ayurvedic treatment of hypertension, breathing exercises (Pranayama), nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and several herbs and minerals are prescribed.

In addition to all the treatments such as synthetic medication, herbal medicines, diet therapy, homeopathic medicine and the like, you can also treat your condition with the help of meditation. It helps you maintain an acceptable level of blood pressure.

If you do transcendental meditation, it reduces your blood pressure as it decreases the constriction of the blood vessels. By doing meditation daily, you not only keep your blood pressure under control but also avoid the complications that you might develop because of hypertension. So, meditation is one of the best ways to prevent and treat your abnormal blood pressure.

You can also treat your abnormal blood pressure. There are many asanas that can be done to keep your blood pressure under control. They are really very effective. Yoga can fight off the causes of the abnormal blood pressure. It helps both type of blood pressure. It stabilizes blood pressure. Some yoga poses for high blood pressure include- Easy Pose (Sukhasana), Shoulder Stretches, Stand spread leg forward fold, Cat Pose (Bidalasana) and many more.

If you practice all the posses, you will surely be able to keep your blood pressure level under control.

Homeopathic medicine
You can also go the homeopathic way for the treatment of your high blood pressure. There are some medicines that have proved to work wonders in the case of hypotension. They are effective and have no side effects.

All these alternative ways to manage high or low blood pressure are supposed to work wonders if undertaken with all the care and caution.