Hypertension Treatment

The Natural Approach to Control High Blood Pressure

Many people the world over suffer from the problem of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure goes beyond the normal level of 120/80. Blood pressure beyond this level is not a desirable or a healthy situation. Prolonged hypertension may result in kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, stroke or other complications.

The natural approach to treat blood pressure is the only way to cure this problem. Prescription drugs can at the best control the problem of hypertension. They serve an important role in bringing down severely high blood pressure. However only by following the natural approach, can we permanently cure and manage this problem.

The natural approach emphasizes that you increase the consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole grains and reduce the consumption of foods rich in saturated fat, sodium and sugar. This approach also recommends that you drink plenty of water. Drinking adequate water actually reduces water retention and helps to flush out the toxins from the body.

Eating a good and healthy diet based on the DASH dietary plan helps to reduce blood pressure. Besides this, we should also adopt a healthy lifestyle. Both these things when combined help to control the blood pressure level.

For a healthy lifestyle, the first thing you need is to maintain the right weight in proportion to your height. For this, you need to exercise daily. If you cannot spare the time to go out, you can think in terms of working out using a treadmill. It not only saves time, but also keeps you fit and less prone to high blood pressure. 

Stress management is another important aspect of controlling your blood pressure. Learn to relax and have adequate recreation to maintain a stress-free. This shall make you less prone to any kind of disease, including high blood pressure.

Meditation and Yoga have also been found to have a magical effect on high blood pressure patients. These techniques help to reduce your stress levels and enable you to handle stress constructively.