Hypertension Treatment

Top 5 Healthy Treatments For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure lowering medications may not be the only solution to hypertension. These medications though effective, come with their fair share of side effects. However, there are healthy ways to lower blood pressure too. Here is taking a look at the top 5 healthy treatments for high blood pressure.

Though meditation is primarily used as a stress relief technique, it has several health benefits too. Amidst various other health benefits offered by meditation, lowering blood pressure is the most prominent. Practicing meditation on a regular basis can not just lower your blood pressure but help you maintain the same too. You need not be an expert at meditation to practice the same. You can start off by simple relaxation and eventually master the technique.

Yoga can work wonders to lower your blood pressure. This holistic fitness regime can improve your blood circulation and help stabilize your blood pressure. There are many people who think that they are not fit enough to practice yoga. However, this is nothing but a myth. Even if you have an absolutely inflexible body, you can start by practicing beginner's yoga.

Progressive muscle relaxation
This technique involves tensing and relaxing various muscles in your body in groups. It enables you to focus on every muscle present in your body and bring overall relaxation. As a result your stress levels go down and you enjoy better physical health. This technique is relatively easy to master and requires just 5 minutes every day. However, you must be consistent if you wish to lower your blood pressure with progressive muscle relaxation.

Breathing exercises
This is one of the simplest yet the most effective ways to lower blood pressure. Breathing exercises enable you to focus on your body and mind, thus helping you relax. This has a significant impact on your blood pressure levels. The best part about breathing exercises is that they can be practiced almost anywhere. So, as soon as you feel that your blood pressure levels are rising, you can practice these and keep your BP in control.

Music therapy
Music and blood pressure- there seems to be no connection between the two, but there is one for sure. Music is known to calm the overall physiology, which in turn helps bring down the blood pressure. As a matter of fact, there are numerous hospitals that make use of music as a healing tool. You can listen to calm and soothing music to lower your blood pressure.

Opt for these healthy treatments and you can lower your blood pressure without dealing with any side effects.