A Few BP Medications To Avoid During Pregnancy

High blood pressure is one of the most common woes that accompany pregnancy. While other people suffering from hypertension can use various drugs to control the problem, pregnant women should be careful when using BP lowering medications. There are some BP lowering medicines that are harmful for women. Here are some of them.

Fast acting Nifedipine
While Nifedipine is a safe medicine to use, the fast acting form of this medicine should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. This medication is used in extreme cases of high blood pressure and helps bring down the blood pressure levels considerably within very little time.

However, a major drawback of this medicine is that in some cases is that it may bring down the blood pressure level below normal levels. Now, this is not a good condition for pregnant women as extremely low blood pressure can hinder the blood flow to the baby.

This is a slightly dangerous medicine that is used to treat severe cases of hypertension. Nitroprusside falls in the unsafe category because of the fact that it produces a toxin called cyanide when broken down by the body. This cyanide is poisonous.

It is for this reason that Nitroprusside is only administered in hospitals. After administering the medication, it is carefully monitored. The cyanide released inside the body is carefully eliminated to avoid any kind of side effects. If this BP lowering medication is used for a longer time period, it can lead to a toxic cyanide buildup. This is obviously a dangerous health condition.

Considering the risks involved with this medicine, it is not advisable for use by pregnant women.

ACE inhibitors

This is yet another category of blood pressure lowering medications that should not be used by pregnant women. These drugs are known to cause damage to the fetus. Using ACE inhibitors could lead to birth defects and also hamper the normal development of the heart in the to-be-born child.

Furtheron, this category of medicine can also effect the functioning of the kidneys of the baby. This can cause lung problems in your child. Decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid and abnormal limb development are some other harmful effects that your child may have to deal with as a result of using these medicines.

While some people advise the use of this medicine in the first trimester, ACE inhibitors are not safe during any stage of pregnancy.

Angiotensin receptor blockers
There are several hormones inside the body that cause your blood pressure levels to elevate. Angiotensin receptor blockers, also known as ARB works by blocking this hormone. This category of medicines should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Since this blood pressure lowering medication works the same as ACE inhibitors, the side effects caused are also similar.

Avoid these medicines and find safer ways to control blood pressure during pregnancy.