Your Guide to Lowering High Blood Pressure

Apart from those caused by risk factors such as genetics and age, high blood pressure can be easily brought under control. Take cue from the following to lower down high blood pressure.

Eat Healthy: This is the first method to bring down elevated blood pressure. Skip junk food and food rich in cholesterol and fatty acids. In their place, switch to green leafy vegetables and home cooked food which is low on fats and cholesterol.

High a Low Body Mass Index (BMI): A BMI of 25 and above results in high blood pressure. Hence, keep it below that figure. To attain it you need to consume fewer amounts of fat and carbohydrates. You would need to lose weight off your body. The only way to do it is through a regulated diet and physical workout. Join a gym and make some muscle. That would make rapidly burn the fat inside your body.

Limit your Salt Intake: Excessive level of salt in your food increases the amount of sodium in your body. This results in high blood pressure. Minimize salt content in your food to bring blood pressure to normal levels.

Do not drink too much Alcohol: Alcohol can shoot up the levels of glucose inside your body. The liver would have to work at an extra fast pace to process and absorb this sudden increase of glucose in the blood. The blood too starts flowing vigorously. The high blood pressure resulting from it can be avoided by limiting alcohol consumption.

Give up the habit of Smoking: You might have thought that smoking helps you relax and come to peace. On the contrary, it decreases your ability to come to peace all by yourself. You become dependent upon tobacco to get peace. If this is not readily available to you then your blood levels start shooting up, and this is not a good sign. Blood pressure levels would steadily shoot up unless tobacco is smoked.

Other methods of lowering blood pressure: Other methods of lowering blood pressure depend upon the cause of rise in blood pressure levels. High blood pressure/hypertension is of two types- one without identifiable causes and the other with identifiable causes. Those which have unidentifiable causes can be treated with the above mentioned methods. The other ones would need a proper diagnosis to determine the real cause. These causes could include the following:

1.    Adrenal hypertension
2.    Cushing's syndrome
3.    Coarctation of the aorta
4.    Drugs
5.    Liquorice
6.    Polycystic kidney disease
7.    Pregnancy
8.    Renal hypertension
9.    Sleep apnea
10.    Tumours

Treatment for hypertension/high blood pressure would differ from cause to cause. These could vary from simple correction in posture (as in the case of Sleep apnea) or medication. In cases such as pregnancy, this would slowly ebb down on its own.