Blood Pressure Alarms

Classes Of Hypertension Medication

A high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the major causes of deaths in the modern world today. No, it alone is not capable of taking away a person’s life, but it can give rise to a number of other diseases and ailments such as pulmonary heart diseases, cardiovascular problems, increased chances of a stroke, failure of the kidney and various other life-threatening ailments.

Its cure primarily lies in the change of lifestyle. This could include change in your food habits, i.e. to lower the intake of cholesterol foods and food products. Maybe, yoga exercises and other meditative and deep breathing exercises could also be of tremendous help to normalize the blood pressure. At the very outset of the ailment, doctors do not suggest for any kind of hard-core medication. They usually ask you or prescribe a thiazide-type diuretic. It’s only later on that doctors prescribe you the more serious kinds and varieties of medicines based on your condition and improvement on the dosage of the diuretic. These diuretics can be used individually or can be prescribed and taken along side other medicines. They are usually cheap and their flexibility makes them a cheap and effective option.

Well, if the said medicine does not suffice, you’ve entered Stage 1 of the treatment. Now on you’ll be tried with different classes of hypertension medication. This will include a variety of blockers such as anti-angiostensin, beta, and calcium channel kinds. All these are termed as ACE Inhibitors. If in a later stage, i.e. Stage 2, you are suggested to go into a combination of a diuretic and an ACE Inhibitor. These inhibitors are found to be a successful way of lowering the blood pressure.

It’s not uncommon for a patient to use a variety of drugs and kinds. This does not undermine their success and in fact, increase their chances of combating the disease.