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What Are The High Blood Pressure Complications During Pregnancy?

Human body is a very complicated structure. Wherein, a woman’s body is more complicated than a man’s body. And these complications further increase when a woman is pregnant. Therefore each and very woman who is on the family way should be aware of all the positive and negative developments that occur during the pregnancy time.

Of all the developments taking place during pregnancy, increase in the blood pressure or onset of hypertension is crucial one. This negative development in the body is not only fatal for the mother but regular high blood pressure can also create complications for the fetus rising in the womb.

One of the most common problems associated with the pregnancy in terms of high blood pressure is the decrease in the flow of the blood to the placenta. Placenta is the muscular cord that connects the mother with the growing fetus in the womb. As the blood flow decreases in the placenta, the fetus is deprived of all the important nutrients for its growth and also the oxygen supply is cut considerably. As a result, the growth of the fetus is retarded. In extreme cases, the situation can also take the form of a pre-mature delivery of the fetus.

The hypertension problem with pregnancy is categorized into three main categories. They are preclampsia, essential hypertension and gestational hypertension.

Preclampsia or toxemia is the most fatal hypertension problem that can occur in a pregnant woman. It can be fatal for both the mother and the fetus. In this type of high blood pressure, a woman will experience an abnormal excretion of protein elements in the urine. This development can be directly related to an acute kidney infection. In such a case, a pregnant woman would require an immediate medical attention and an immediate treatment.

Essential Hypertension
Hypertension that is present in a woman before she gets pregnant is termed as essential hypertension. This is a very common type of high blood pressure problem in pregnant women. The only solution to it is a constant tab on the blood pressure levels, with the help of the prescribed medication and advice.

Gestational Hypertension
Gestational hypertension on the other hand is one that eventually develops when a woman experiences pregnancy. This is a development that takes place only at the time of pregnancy and eventually disappears with its termination.

Besides, there are certain women who generally have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure during pregnancy. This depends on many factors like, family history, first pregnancy or pregnancy after a long time period, age of the woman at the time of pregnancy, weight of the woman and the presence of some pre-existing disorders or diseases.

Hypertension during pregnancy is not a very serious issue, but if not taken care of, it can take an ugly form leading to severe complications. So, the moment you feel any change in your blood pressure reading, you know what to do. Immediately seek medical help and make your pregnancy a lifetime experience.