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A Women’s Guide: Crossing The Complex Of Menopause And Blood Pressure

With growing age, and especially when one crosses the age bracket of 40, one can see many changes in the body. Comparing both the sexes, a female body undergoes more drastic changes than a male body. An age above 40 lands her in a stage called menopause. And menopause doest not come alone. It comes with various things in hand. Its impact on the woman’s blood pressure cannot be ignored.

With the onset of menopause the blood pressure of a woman goes on a little higher than the normal. Generally, a woman has a diastolic and systolic pressure that is a slightly lower than that of what is present in men. But after menopause, the systolic pressure increases by around 5 mm Hg, on an average. A higher and uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to several other diseases and disorders in life. Therefore it becomes important to control the rising blood pressure levels and lead a healthy life.

But to maintain normal blood pressure, it is important to first understand the reasons because of which this rise is seen. There are many reasons that contribute to the rising blood pressure during menopause. The main cause is the hormonal changes that occur in the body of the woman after she encounters menopause. The other factors include weight gain with age and an increased salt sensitivity of the body. Various lifestyle changes also contribute actively in this cause.

But, there is nothing much to worry about. There are certain guidelines which when followed can considerably help you lower down your blood pressure. These guidelines will on the whole direct you to single path, which is involvement of various lifestyle changes.

Blood pressure has a direct relationship between the sodium intakes in your food. The richest source of sodium in whatever we eat is salt, besides miniscule of it is present in the rest of the foodstuffs we consume. Therefore considerably reducing amount of sodium intake in your meals will help you achieve and maintain a normal blood pressure.

With this, follow a good exercising pattern on a regular basis. It will greatly help you in maintaining normal blood pressure during menopause.

Also try to include more of fresh fruits in your diet. Besides, at the time of menopause, women should avoid binging on alcohol and smoking. But there are some types of menopause blood pressure-related problems that will require more than just lifestyle changes.

At times, to bring blood pressure on normal terms, several medications are required. Generally a medical professional will advice you to consume several forms of diuretics in order to correct the rising blood pressure. The reason being, that, with the onset of menopause, some women show tendency of fluid retention in the body. As a result of which they gain weight and have swelling in the body. Diuretics on the other hand reduce the water retention in the body and thus maintain a normal blood pressure.

There is no problem in the world that is solution-less. All you need to do is to be a little alert and a healthy body and healthy life awaits you.