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Neurocardiogenic Mediated Hypotension Sync

Hypotension is very commonly known as low blood pressure. But when it denotes the term 'neuro' along with it, it means more than simple low blood pressure. Neurocardiogenic mediated hypotension sync is actually neurally mediated hypotension syncope. The word 'syncope' in medical terms means 'faint'. Thus, when the patient due to abnormalities related to small blood pressure suffers from symptoms of fainting or fatigues it is called NHM or neurocardiogenic mediated hypotension sync.

In this condition the body has a difficulty in regulating the blood pressure, when the brain, the heart and the nerves fall back from co-ordination. The brain cannot process the signals of blood pressure regulation and the heart beats abnormally pressing more blood and at some parts the blood vessels constricts. At the onset of this disorders inside your body, you may feel sudden weakness, dizziness, fatigue, sweating, fainting or vision disturbance. Some persons feel like irresistible wish to lie down or sit down right at the moment.

There is a misconception that people with CFS only suffer from NHM sync. Well, this is not true. Whereas on the other hand CFS may be the results of this particular disease.
The NHM is detected with the help of tilt table test. In this test the patient is allowed to stand and sit in particular posture and the heart rate and the blood pressure is constantly monitored. This test is the perfect test to diagnose neurocardiogenic mediated hypotension sync.

The treatment for this ailment is meted out by increasing the volume of water in the body and increasing salt intake. There are other kinds of medicines too that help in control of heart beat and regulation of pressure. The medicines are prescribed by the doctors after diagnosis. Don't try yourself with OTC drugs since they may make the condition more critical. For self medication till you see a doctor would to drink more and more water and increase reasonable sodium content in your food.