BP Monitor

Automatic blood pressure monitor

The process of taking blood pressure readings has become quite easier with automatic blood pressure monitors. The modern day digital blood pressure monitors also known as automatic monitors can calculate your blood pressure accurately without any manual assistance just in one start of a key. Most of them inflate and deflate the cuffs involuntarily. You just push a button and the monitor will bring forth the results in seconds.

There are many manufacturers in the market who manufacture automatic blood pressure monitors and some of the repute names are like Omron, Lifesource, Microlife and others. There are three types of automatic blood pressure monitors- arm, wrist and finger monitors. The basic principle of all these monitors is the same--- to measure your blood pressure automatically. Yet, they are different in many ways like the use of certain technology and advanced modes. For instance, Lifesource has an automatic blood pressure monitor which can talk and announce your results. Let’s have a look at some contemporary blood pressure monitors.

This automatic blood pressure monitor is from Omron which uses IntelliSense® technology to count your blood pressure accurately. The monitor is pretty fast in reading your blood pressure. It is equipped with Comfit cuff which fits well in all sizes of arm. It also detects your irregular heartbeat and it’s a simple, silent machine with a memory capacity of 200 readings of two persons at a time along with date and time. This one button BP monitor comes with five years warranty.
Lifesource blood pressure monitor UA-853AC:- The recently launched blood pressure monitor has a new technology inserted called AM/PM TimeWise™ Tracking Technology. This enables the monitor to give an average reading of your blood pressure automatically of the day. The features of this blood pressure monitor are-

* 90 readings memory capacity
* 3 programmable alarms inserted in the monitor
* Detects your Irregular Heartbeats
* A large digital display for readings of BP
* Measures your blood pressure fast and accurate
* AC adapter included in the package

This automatic wrist blood pressure monitor from Omron has been tested and proven rigorously to meet the standards of safety and accuracy.

* 90 readings storage capacity
* Equipped with IntelliSense® technology with maximum accuracy
* Compact design for easy carrying along with carrying case
* Runs on 2 AAA batteries included in the package
* Five year warranty