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Blood Pressure Cuff Cover – A Brief Overview

Blood pressure cuff cover is a cover made to enclose a blood pressure cuff. Together with a cuff envelope to hold the blood pressure cuff, this new age device is semi-disposable. A blood pressure cuff cover has two different functions to perform. It is a  protecting cover for a blood pressure cuff or pneumatic tourniquet. It is the disposable element of a semi-disposable blood pressure cuff system.

Usually, such a cuff cover has the required width and length to entirely cover and guard the functional cuff. It is large enough to work as a blood pressure cuff, when joined with a cuff inflation bag.  It includes a cuff envelope to receive the cuff and it reduces the need to clean the blood pressure cuff.

The benefit is that patients can be saved from the hazards of using a known carrier of disease i.e. the reusable blood pressure or tourniquet cuff. The cuff cover can be tore away for use easily. New types of blood pressure cuff covers contain a cuff envelope, a window panel of translucent production, hook and loop fasteners locked to external segments of the cuff envelope and a conduit envelope.

As such a cuff cover has a window panel extending through the envelope; it allows viewing the gauge of the cuff. To secure the protected blood pressure cuff, hook and loop fasteners are joined with the cuff envelope. The conduit envelope extends from the cuff envelope and terminates in a bulb envelope.

Earlier, blood pressure cuff cover was developed simply to protect a blood pressure cuff from spreading infections. But the aforementioned new blood pressure cuff cover can be used as a cover apparatus to protect the blood pressure cuff as well as act as blood pressure cuff itself. This new invention is very much used nowadays.

This new blood pressure cuff cover is dependable and is reliably constructed.. Due to low cost of manufacturing such a blood pressure cuff cover, they are not very expensive and easily accessible. This new blood pressure cuff cover provides a number of benefits in terms of hygiene and flexibility for patients, nurses and doctors.