BP Monitor

Blood pressure monitor for persons with pacemaker

Presently there are many blood pressure monitors available in the market which are digital as well as highly advanced in their techniques of measuring the blood pressure. Some of monitors are capable of even measuring your heart rate or pulse rate along with BP. These are normal rates of the contraction and release of your heart muscles to pump the blood to the arteries. However, if you have a pacemaker inserted, can you use the normal digital blood pressure monitor ? In most cases, the doctors will give you a negative response. The digital monitors have electrical signals and frequencies that may interfere the working of your pacemaker and cause troubles.

So, if you have a pacemaker inserted in your heart, you better take advice of a doctor for a BP monitor that you could use at home. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is one such blood pressure monitor for persons with pacemaker. This blood pressure monitor not only reads your BP level but at the same time finds out if there is any problem in the functioning of your pacemaker. Since, high blood pressure puts an extra load in your heart and low blood pressure leads to syncope, the pacemaker is the object of vulnerability in both cases.

The ABPM monitor can detect the problem of your pacemaker which is called pacemaker syndrome. In pacemaker syndrome you feel fatigue, dizziness, and fainting and this problem arises when the artificial pacemaker is not synchronizing with the normal rhythm of your heart beat. In that case, the heart tends to send blood through the closed valve.

Hence, the ABPM is the only suitable blood pressure monitor for patients with pacemaker. However, you need the advice of a doctor before buying one.