BP Monitor

Reading A Blood Pressure Test

Blood pressure is generally defined as the pressure of blood exerted against the arteries. The blood flow can be flawed due to a number of conditions. Sometimes, the blood pressure rises abnormally or it dips below the normal range. To be able to decide whether a person is suffering from high or low blood pressure it is necessary to know how to read a blood pressure test. The procedure of measuring blood pressure is relatively the same everywhere.

For measuring blood pressure, an arm cuff is wrapped around the upper arm. Then with the help of a handheld pump air is pushed, which squeezes the arm and restricts the flow of blood. This is done until the pressure applied reaches its peak. Then gently the pressure is released and blood flow returns to normal. Now, to be able to read a blood pressure test, the physician should be able to monitor the pressure range. The level that was shown when the pulse is first heard, is the high pressure and the measurement it shown, when the pulse can be no longer heard is called the low pressure.

One can monitor his or her blood pressure by buying the blood pressure gauge and cuff .These aren’t expensive and readily available in all pharmacies. There are a few digital instruments like electronic sphygmomanometers which has made reading blood pressure values easier. Both taking the test and being able to read a blood pressure test are equally critical to accurately monitor blood pressure.