BP Monitor

How To Use Blood Pressure Monitors Correctly?

A regular and appropriate check on one’s blood pressure is very important to keep a healthy state of the body. With age, blood pressure generally shows a little variation from its normal measurements. And people having frequent fluctuations between high and low blood pressure are required to have a constant tab on their blood pressure readings. With such people it is not even tangible to give a regular visit to a doctor. So the only solution that follows is to keep a blood pressure monitor handy at home.

Blood pressure monitors are generally available in two models: one is digital and the other is manual. Be it of any type they are composed of similar and basic components, which are a cuff and a gauge. A cuff is composed of an inner rubber layer with an outer nylon covering. The gauge on the other hand is either digital or aneroid that features the systolic and the diastolic readings of the blood pressure.

Whatever is the type of your blood pressure monitor, there is a set of rules and guidelines you need to follow and practice.

Know The Process

Before giving a reading to yourself or to others at home, you should know how to use the monitor accurately.

Always start your blood pressure measurement learning classes from a professional hand. Take the help of a nearby medical professional or a nurse for that matter. Understand the basics of the blood pressure measuring machine and the concept of blood pressure. You should be clear of the normal measurements of people belonging to different age groups. For instance, a man and a woman from the same age group will have different normal blood pressure measurements.

Put It Right

Always place the cuff on the right position on the arm to get an accurate reading. Generally a cuff is fastened on the left arm of the patient. The gauge should be kept straight, while measuring the pressure. The stethoscope should also be placed at a right position, a little under the fastened cuff on the left arm.

Certain Precautions

Besides, there are certain other things that you should keep in mind before measuring your blood pressure. Never take a reading after exercising. Instead take a reading before going out for a workout or early mornings. Also, for attaining an absolute correct blood pressure reading do not consume products rich in caffeine or nicotine. Also refrain from binging much on tobacco or alcohol before taking a blood pressure measurement. All these substances can increase your blood pressure to a slight higher level.

Maintain Right Posture

Always sit in a comfortable and erect position while measuring blood pressure. Do not place the cuff of the blood pressure monitor on the clothes that you are wearing but on the bare skin of your left arm.

Follow these simple guidelines while measuring blood pressure and you can keep a proper tab on it even while comfortably relaxing in your home.