BP Monitor

Prevention wrist blood pressure monitor are fast and accurate

There are lot of health magazines that refer and review on various blood pressure monitors highlighting the features of both arm and wrist that would help you to get one you need. Among them, one magazine called Prevention has recommended a wrist blood pressure monitor from Mark fitness WS-820. This monitor by Prevention is also called Prevention wrist blood pressure monitor.

This wrist blood pressure monitor is portable due to its wrist cuff design and can be carried easily. The monitor cuff fits comfortably around your wrist and takes accurate blood pressure readings pretty fast. You can check your blood pressure anywhere you like without any hassle.

The features of Prevention wrist blood pressure monitor are:-

* It is clinically proven for its accuracy.
* The cuff inflammation of the monitor is moderate and it measures the blood pressure fast.
* It can store two people’s data at a time.
* The monitor has a memory capacity of 30 readings along with date and time.
* It gives both the systolic and diastolic pressure along with pulse rate.
* The irregular heartbeats are identified enabling you to avoid atrial fibrillation.
* The LCD screen displaying configuration is large enough and easy to read.
* 2 AAA alkaline batteries required to run this monitor.
* It has a lifetime warranty.
* The package consists of a carrying case and a tracking chart.

If you need to keep constant track of your blood pressure, this monitor could be an ideal one. You can put the cuff on and get the readings in just one click.