BP Monitor

Three Types of Blood Pressure Tester

Blood in our body goes through a lot of ups and downs but if it remained in an elevated position for a longer period of time, there is all possibility that we can have a bout of high blood pressure. Generally it is defined as the pressure applied to the arteries. The medical term for high blood pressure is Hypertension. It is the main causative factor for a number of diseases like Heart attacks, strokes, kidney diseases and in some cases blindness also. If the blood in our body remains depressed for a longer duration of time, it is called low blood pressure.

Now let us discuss about the diverse blood pressure tester available in the market.
First is the traditional one – where a cuff is placed around the arm, then air is passed into the arm through a hand pump which stops the blood flow, and then after a few seconds the cuff is released and blood again starts to flow. Then with a stethoscope the sound of blood passing through the arteries is heard and two types of measurements are recorded, firstly the reading when the blood first flows referred to as systolic pressure and the then the reading when the flow of blood can no longer be heard referred to as the diastolic pressure.

The second type of blood pressure tester available nowadays is the one that is electric or digital and termed as the automatic one. Instead of a stethoscope you use a microphone here.

The third type of blood pressure tester used nowadays is the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Here the cuff is worn on one hand and the monitor on the other.