BP Monitor

Using an electric blood pressure monitor is as simple as that?

There are people with various ailments who need to take their blood pressure readings on daily basis and they have to rely on the modern digital or electronic blood pressure monitors. With the installing of new technology, the old ones have become more obsolete and it becomes important to check them carefully for getting accurate readings. The operating system of an electric blood pressure monitor is very simple, however, there are certain things that you should take care of while using them.

First of all, all you have to do is wear the cuff on the arm and after feeling some inflation, press the button for completing the process of reading. If it needs manual inflating, you will have to pump the air balloon for inflation and then push the button for reading your blood pressure. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need anybody’s assistance to do this. The deflation too is automatic in most of the electronic blood pressure monitors.

Yet, the question arises how much these results are reliable. Since the digital or electronic blood pressure monitors are very sensitive to certain factors, they tend to give false results.

Here are some certain tips to use electronic blood pressure monitors for accurate readings:

*Consult your doctor and learn properly how to use them. Don’t get excited while measuring your BP with electronic blood pressure as they are highly sensitive to the slightest change of body temperature, heart beat or other metabolism. 
* Don’t keep a cellular phone near the monitor while performing the test. It may give incorrect readings.
*Don’t use it in moving vehicles or even in airplanes.
*Don’t give strong shocks or vibrations to the monitor, it may damage the unit and subsequently start giving inaccurate readings.
*Take care of the life of batteries and replace them in time.
*Don’t bend the arm cuffs forcibly while packing the monitor in a bag.
*Don’t inflate the cuffs when not in use.

Take care of these above mentioned things and you never face any trouble using one electronic blood pressure monitor.