BP Monitor

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Measuring blood pressure has become relatively easier with the introduction of various blood pressure monitors. The best kinds of monitors are easy for self-operation and are called digital blood pressure monitors. These are machines that read your blood pressure automatically. The self-operating automated blood pressure monitors come in three modes. One is for the wrist, one for arm and the other for fingers. The most commonly used is the wrist blood pressure monitor.

Digital blood pressure monitor
These are modern, efficient and self-help blood pressure monitors that can automatically read the blood pressure. All you have to do is wear the cuffs as per the instructions and tighten them around your wrist or arm.

The sensors will routinely detect the systolic and diastolic pressure and will display the readings on the screen. You can keep the records in the memory of the machine itself and later on check again and compare the differences of rise and fall in your blood pressure.

However, many doctors others have come up with the view that wrist blood pressure machines cannot produce accurate results like the arm blood pressure monitor. And, there are reasons behind this. The pressure on the nerves of the wrist cannot be properly detected by the monitor and its sensors. Sometimes, the cuffs don’t fit well enough to get the correct sensation of the blood vessels and trace the pressure as accurately as the arm-based monitors.