BP Basics

Proper Exercising And Moderate Eating Go A Long Way To Cure Blood Pressure!

When your heart contracts, it is the higher systolic blood pressure and it is the lower diastolic, when the heart relaxes. In numerical terms you have high blood pressure when your systolic pressure is 120 mmHg and above, or your diastolic pressure is above 80 mmHg. It is the nervous nineties, as far as the American statistics go.

It is estimated that with the current life standards adopted by Americans in the mad rat race of modern world, they are becoming more and more ignorant of their lifestyle habits, especially the eating habits. That means, soon 90 % of Americans will be patient of blood pressure in one or the other form.

When you go with the expectation of medication, your physician will give you drugs that are most suitable to you, from the point of the latest medical standards. Whether he would be able to solve your blood pressure problems on a permanent basis is another thing.

As per the recent studies and an article published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, August 2005 issue, it has been observed that on the first day of exercise itself there is change in the level of your blood pressure. Do the exercise that suits the contours of your body. If you are obese, and if you are doing exercise for the first time in decades, the vigorous exercise may take you to the doorstep of heart attack.

In the given conditions, that is, if you are a blood pressure patient, better start your exercise schedule in consultation with a personal trainer. It is better for you to join a health club, where you get to know the various types of exercises and you can also interact with many of your types.

How does the process of exercise help you in controlling the blood pressure? When you are a blood pressure patient it means that the metabolism is not perfect within your body. The heart is unable to pump the blood properly and even circulation is hampered. Some parts do not get the proper blood supply. The toxins are cleared from the blood stream. Unhealthy diet and inactivity are the most highlighted factors that play the role in destroying the health.

So improving lifestyles is of utmost importance. If your diet and exercise part of it taken care of, you have solved the major part of the problem. Beyond the exercise level, that is to say the physical level, your mental level also counts a lot. Your anxieties and worries, joy and fears have something to do with the state of your health. But the physical exercise part is of utmost importance.

Along with the eats, what you should not do is also important. It is better for you to give up smoking and alcohol.