BP Basics

To Live With Blood Pressure Is To Live Dangerously!

What is blood pressure? It is the level of force of blood against the artery. If the force is as per the acceptable standards, your blood pressure is normal. If the force is more, you have high blood pressure. And if this force is less, you have low blood pressure.

The disease of blood pressure, high or low, is holding such a gigantic proportion of humanity at its mercy, that notwithstanding mega-research on the problem, it is still widely prevalent. No remedy has been perfected so far, to conquer it. The consequences of the problem vary from individual to individual. That's why, this is a personalized problem, the solutions of which, will have to be found taking into consideration personal factors.

A blood pressure patient needs to take healthy decisions regarding his diet and exercise.

Many faulty food habits of the modern materialistic civilization, have contributed to this disease. Your refusal to take shelter in the shadow of the protective wings of the nature is now forcing you to pay the price. The matter is very simple, but you have complicated the issue. Excessive use of colas and aerated waters, is a case in point. Formerly, lemon juice was used to quench your thirst. But today, the advantages of making lemon a part of your daily drinking habit has advantages which are incomparable.

Lemons are considered invaluable in the case of high blood pressure. Similarly, an apple diet has a rapid and considerable diuretic effect causing increased urination thus bringing down blood pressure to normal levels. It also relieves the kidneys by reducing the supply of sodium chloride to a minimum. In addition, the high level of potassium in apples lowers the sodium level in the tissues.

Types of blood pressures are many and their treatments are also varied. Anti hypertensive medications, like diuretics, beta blockers and ACE inhibitors are extensively recommended by the medical practitioners all over the world.

But all these medications are not completely trustworthy. Side-effects are a matter of rule, not the exceptions in case of these hard drugs. The reported side-effects are dizziness, depression, impotence, liver damage and fatigue.

The real good and lasting remedy for blood pressure related diseases is simple. Take the pressure out of your life. Take it out in a methodical and systematic manner and as a consequence, blood flow within your arteries, would be normal. And you would no longer complain about blood pressure.