Blood Pressure Diet

Cayenne Pepper For High Blood Pressure

There are certain food items we eat but we know very little about their health benefits. Although we use garlic, ginger, pepper and other such seasonings in our food recipes, we hardly notice that these items contain a lot of  medicinal properties that helps up to keep our body fit and healthy.

It is saddening to know that despite the availability of nutrient rich food, we eat highly processed junk food which is high in calories, saturated fat and salt.

Cayenne pepper is one such spice which  contains medicinal properties that have proven benefits for the human body. Cayenne pepper is dried chilly pepper which is ground and used as a condiment. People undergoing holistic healing have used and felt the advantages of this pepper for treating high blood pressure.

If you too have high blood pressure and don’t feel like taking medicines and are afraid of their possible side effects, then you can try out the following home remedies with cayenne pepper for one or two months and see the difference you have in your blood pressure level. You can try out any one of the following and judge for yourself.

1. Add one tea spoon of cayenne pepper powder to a cup of water and heat the water to the desired temperature. Drink this every day for a month. After a month check your blood pressure. The pepper has thermogenic aids to increase metabolism, blood circulation and other activities. These functions help in regulating blood pressure.

2. You can use cayenne in some of your food items like sandwiches  and get the benefits of the herb.

Some other important functions of cayenne pepper are---
It reduces risks of arthrosclerosis and thus reduces the chances of hypertension.
If you have high blood pressure then the cholesterol and other lipids in your blood stream are likely to thicken the arteries. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is a substance known to reduce the blockage in the arteries and in the process improve the circulation of  blood.