Blood Pressure Diet

Diet Diabetes Anemic Hypertension

Anemia is a condition which occurs due to the deficiency of healthy red blood cells which are required to transport oxygen to the other organs. It means that your body is not getting enough iron. This can lead to anemic hypertension. Around 50 % of the diabetics have high blood pressure. Most diabetic patients eat the standard diet that other people eat which is harmful for them. Because of this, they suffer from major health problems like heart attack, kidney failure, strokes, and blindness. There are two types of diabetes, of which people who have Type 2 diabetes suffer from blood pressure because of high metabolic rates. Accurate blood pressure readings is a must for controlling blood pressure. One striking correlation between high BP and diabetes is the common cure measures.

Diabetes and blood pressure could be controlled by diet diabetes anemic hypertension. One has to keep a check on diet and exercise in order to control diabetes and lower blood pressure. Diet diabetes anemic hypertension includes less salt, no sugar, fat free products, products rich in fiber and dairy free diet. For more information, read High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Do Not Go Hand In Hand

The diet diabetes anemic hypertension will not suffice the needs of the patient. Exercising, following proper medicine regime and doctor's advice are ways to lower blood pressure and control diabetes. Glucose levels and blood pressure levels can be controlled with right diet and exercise. Level of blood pressure in a diabetic should be 120/180. Not just exercise and diet, diabetic is also given oral pills to cure high blood pressure. Treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes can be done by following doctor's advice and implementing it properly. He will surely help know the answer to your question of how to lower blood pressure and control diabetes. Last but not the least, gaining blood pressure information is the best way to handle the situation.