Blood Pressure Diet

Diet For Diabetic With High Blood Pressure

Around 20-60 % of people with diabetes get afflicted with high blood pressure. This can also lead to heart disease, kidney disease and blurred vision. Following a healthy lifestyle and taking the right medications is the key to lower blood pressure. Causes of high blood pressure and diabetes are our wrong eating habits, lack of physical activity, and consumption of junk food. By keeping record of blood pressure readings you can easily monitor your blood pressure. To lower blood pressure and keep your sugar levels normal, you need to have a healthy and balanced diet, carry out exercise and medication regularly. Diet for diabetic with high blood pressure is different from others. For more details read High Blood Pressure: Giving Way To A Chain Of Maladies

Diet for diabetics with high blood pressure includes less salt and sodium, fat free products, less or no sugar and foods rich in fiber. It is not possible to control high blood pressure and diabetes just with the help of diet. One has to exercise, reduce the intake of salt, fatty foods and dairy products. Blood pressure machines are available in the market so that you can easily maintain your blood pressure charts. Eat right and lose weight- these are the best ways to reduce blood pressure.

High blood pressure and diabetes are the major problems from which people are suffering, all over the world. These diseases if ignored can lead to kidney disease, heart failure and eye disease. Although high blood pressure is a result of diabetes, if neglected it may worsen a diabetics condition. So, it is always recommended to consult your doctor as and when you see any of the high blood pressure symptoms. Don't delay the matter.