Blood Pressure Diet

Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure (BP) can be treated by the simplest means one can imagine. You can adopt a regimen to control rising blood pressure. As per that regimen, diet and exercise should be a priority. Your diet is an important factor in blood pressure management because what you eat  has a direct impact on the body metabolism. So eating healthy and right is very essential to control your blood pressure.

There are certain foods, the metabolism of which creates by products which triggers high blood pressure. Then again there are foods which fight the elements which trigger blood pressure. A healthy diet should contain foods belonging to the latter category.

If you stick to such a diet you won't need medicines to cure your problem of BP. Healthy diet plans have been talked about quite often, yet we remain strangers to these plans for the sake of convenience. It is these plans that affect our body in the required manner and reduce the risks of having high BP. Here is a list of foods that can lower blood pressure effectively without any trouble.

Vegetables: Food belonging to this category contains no cholesterol, and is enriched with vitamins and minerals. We all should try to consume them as salads and juices and avoid high salt and high calorie food products for a healthy lifestyle. The high fiber content of vegetables helps in proper digestion and excretion of fats from your body. This will reduce the deposition of cholesterol in your arteries. This in turn promotes normal blood pressure.

Fruit: Fruit provide all the goodness of vegetables and have ingredients to keep your blood rich in iron, zinc and other minerals.

Cholesterol free foods: Consumption of fish, especially freshwater or fatty fish, undressed chicken and lean meat are beneficial as these food items have beneficial fatty acids or have little cholesterol. One should reduce the intake of things like butter, cheese and other dairy products.

Sodium free foods: Some sea food may be high in salt and so should be avoided. One should also put less salt in the food you prepare and avoid the package juices and drinks that have high salt content in them.