Blood Pressure Diet

Go for foods that lower high blood pressure!

The high blood pressure is an unhealthy condition that increases the workload of your heart. It can result in other health problems such as kidney damage or stroke. It is an important parameter of your health and can be a harbinger of cardiovascular disease.

High blood pressure or hypertension does not have many apparent symptoms and it needs to be managed and controlled. One of the best ways to control hypertension is to modify your diet to include foods that help to lower your blood pressure and to abstain from foods that may have cased the problem.

There are two ways to get over the high blood pressure problem. You have to change your diet, sometimes drastically and you have to complement that by losing weight. 

Diet modification plays a very important role in reducing your blood pressure. It is also important to loose weight.

Given below are examples of foods that you can eat for your meals during the day. These foods will not only help to lower your blood pressure, but are also heart friendly.

Let us start with breakfast. It should be light and full of fiber. A suggested breakfast is listed below.

Skim or 1% fat milk
Toast with margarine
Banana with shredded wheat
Coffee with 1% fat or skimmed milk

As the day progresses your nutritional requirements increase. A suggested meal for lunch is listed below. 

Skim or 1% milk
Fig bar cookies
An apple and lean roasted beef sandwich with tomato and lettuce

Make sure that dinner is light and not too heavy. Eat your dinner as early as possible and make sure that there is a gap of two to three hours between the time you eat dinner and go to sleep. You can try the meal suggested below.

Steamed green beans flavored with oregano
Spaghetti with meat sauce
A green salad with carrot, tomatoes dressed in a light vinaigrette dressing
Fat-free frozen fruit yogurt for desert

Apart from the above-suggested diet, you should cut down on salty food as sodium increases blood pressure and increases water retention.

You should rinse canned vegetables and canned food and remove any brine water to reduce your salt consumption.