Blood Pressure Diet

Lifestyle Changes Necessary For Hypertension

Without making any sort of changes in lifestyle, it is almost next to impossible to treat your blood pressure- be it hypertension or hypotension. With little changes in your lifestyle, you can minimize the severity of the condition or rule it out completely.

Although breaking the habits of years and changing a set lifestyle is not that easy, yet self motivation and love for health can help you make the required changes.

In order to make the necessary lifestyle changes, you need to take care of the following things:

1) Exercise
2) Diet
3) Stress levels
4) Moderation and reductions

Here are the details:

30 minutes of moderate exercising is a good way to control blood pressure. If you have prehypertension, doing regular exercise can essentially help you avoid hypertension.You can plan your exercise regime by doing the following:

a) Evaluate your current activity level
b) Plan an exercise program
c) Go for strength training
d) And be determined!

Diet plays an important role in controlling your blood pressure. Remember, garbage in is garbage out! So, be very careful while choosing what you eat.

Studies all over the world show that eating a healthy diet rich in grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products help you control your hypertension. Remember a few things regarding your diet:

1) Avoid saturated fats
2) Select monounsaturated fats
3) Choose whole grain and whole grain products
4) Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as you can
5) Eat nuts, seeds, or beans every day
6) Eat potassium-rich foods

Reduce your stress levels:
Stress can increase your blood pressure. So you need to stay stress-free. This can be done by following the action plan given below:

A) Find your stressors
B) Minimize your stressors and
C) Learn how to cope with the stressors

Moderation and reductions:
If you smoke and drink, reduce or at least moderate their use. Though these give you momentary pleasures, in the long run they can cause life long conditions like hypertension.