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List Of Salt Free Food In Grocery Store For High Blood Pressure

If you are one of the high blood pressure patients, you must be aware that taking sodium or salt can send your blood pressure measurements up like a rocket. Sodium may be avoided but the problem, however, is how to substitute salt so that all those blood pressure machines keep quiet when they are put on you. If you sit down to make a list of salt free food in grocery store, you'll find yourself banging your head against the wall. Cutting down the intake of salt is known to reduce blood pressure and is one of the most effective ways of controlling blood pressure.

But, how do you find salt-free food? Naturally, the next best thing is the internet. So, you log on and write something like "list of salt free food in grocery store high blood pressure" and there you have loads of information doled out and yet all of it either seems incomplete or absolutely useless like an unpaid lawyer's advice. So, we thought of placing much of the information here in brief so that you don't have to look for "list of salt free food in grocery store high blood pressure". For more on food-treatment nexus, read Diet Management Is For BP Management

If you go for commercial salt substitutes, they are often bitter tasting though they may help you a little in keeping the counts down on the fancy samsung blood pressure monitor you bought last week. Why miss on taste simply because salt is a big 'no' on your diet for high blood pressure, which keeps your blood pressure levels but also keeps your tongue starved of good taste. Salt-free food is a sure shot way to minimize many effects of high blood pressure.

There are some seasoning mixtures designed for salt-free diets to provide enough flavor so that salt may not be necessary in the dish. But, it is also possible to prepare salt-free dishes without using special ingredients. Take the strong flavor approach to compensate for lack of salt.

Acid ingredients such as lemon, lime, vinegar and wine are extremely useful in this, so are peppers in varying degrees of hotness. With enough pepper in a dish, the salt will certainly not be missed. Garlic and extra-virgin olive oil can also contribute to the depth of flavor and a complexity and may thus compensate for lack of salt. Sweet fruit-based sauces come in handy too, as they too perform the same function. Among the most effective salt-free preparations are sweet and sour sauces. Then we have mustard. Use it with bread crumbs to coat fish, chicken or veal before it goes under the boiler.

Now, that you are relishing a salt-free dish, have a good look at your blood pressure equipment. Has it moved? I believe not. So shall we say it is a final goodbye to the "list of salt free food in grocery store high blood pressure". Nice to know.