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The Relationship between Fasting and Hypotension

Fasting is a sure way to remove those  extra pounds, give your body a much needed rest and get rid of all those inner toxic substances so that you can enjoy optimal health. This article on fasting and hypotension shows that the relation between the two needs to be closely examined, and that occasional fasting does not lead to hypotension.

Through fasting, you will be able to have the same energy that you had when you were young. It will also help to lift  up your foggy consciousness. Fasting also has healing powers, and will enhance the quality of your life. As I have already explained before, occasional fasting does not lead to hypotension, but latest researches show that  continuous fasting leads to anorexia and other diseases.

There are many things, which need to be closely dealt with and supervised with fasting. There are issues like postural hypotension, maintenance of minimum electrolyte level, shut down and restarting of the system before and after fasting and other such things. 

It has been seen in the case of controlled studies that there are some factors like postural dizziness and  postural hypotension that need to be closely examined. Standing continuously at the time of fasting can result in a decline of 20 mmHg in systolic blood pressure, which can be described as postural hypotension. Continuous fasting may also make you feel dizzy and lightheaded.

It is also observed that patients with diabetes, in comparison to patients without the condition, are certain to suffer from postural hypotension and dizziness.  Postural hypotension and postural dizziness are independent of each other. Another thing to keep in mind in fasting is that since a decline of 20 mmHg is a potentially dangerous condition, you need to measure your blood pressure before and after fasting. And if you are already suffering from hypotension, fasting is strictly a no-no.

Whether or not you have diabetes and your age are other things that have to be kept in mind if you seriously want to avail and enjoy the benefits of fasting. No doubt there exists a correlation between fasting and hypotension, but by being careful and taking the necessary precautions, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of fasting.