Blood Pressure Diet

Everyday Tips To Lower Salt Intake To Control BP

Lowering your salt intake can be of great help in treating blood pressure. Here are a few tips that you van use on a day to day basis to lower your salt intake and control your blood pressure.

Read food labels carefully
Whatever food item you are choosing, you are sure to find a food label on the same. This food label specifies the amount of salt, mentioned as sodium and other ingredients used in the food. the food label also mentions the nutritional value of the food that we eat.

When you develop the habit of reading food labels, you will realize that some of your favorite foods such as chips, canned soups, cakes etc contain more salt than you should consume throughout the day.

Say no to processed foods
Processed foods are a storehouse of salts. These foods make use of slats for the preparation process as well as an essential ingredient. Also, salt helps in preserving these foods for a long time. During the processing of foods, the food tends to lose its original flavor. In order to make up for the loss of flavor, companies make use of excessive salt.

Thus, you must avoid processed foods if you want to lower your salt intake. Giving up processed foods alone can lower your salt intake by 15%. Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables and other fresh food items instead of processed foods.

Get rid of the salt shaker
Most people have the tenednecy to useadditional salt even when the amount of salt in their meals is perfect. In order to get rid of this habit, it is important that you do away with the salt shaker in the first place. Instead of the salt shaker, you could make use of various herbs that will add flavor to your food. garlic powder, thyme, rosemary, paprika are some herbs that will make your food tastier without adding to the amount of salt.

Say no to instant foods
From two minute noodles to oatmeal that can be cooked in ten minutes, everything now comes in the instant variety. And considering the ever mounting hectic lifestyles, these instant foods have become an obvious choice. But you must avoid these foods if you want to reduce your salt intake. Go in for the non instant variety as they contain much lesser amount of salt as compared to their instant counterparts.

Go in for low salt versions of the food you choose
If you are opting for processed or instant foods due to time constraints, then make sure that you go in for the low salt variety. All the processed foods of your choice such as chips, cereal bars, canned soups, chocolates, cakes etc offer you a low salt variety of the same product. you can buy these low salt versions at the same price.