Blood Pressure Diet

Vegetables Good For High BP And Low BP

Vegetables are specially designed by mother nature to be the best food for human beings. This is the reason that if you are not taking enough vegetables in your diet, you will end up being prone to a lot of health related problems, the least of which is low or high blood pressure. There are many vegetables which can help you overcome the problems of low blood pressure also known as hypotension and high blood pressure which is also known as hypertension.

Vegetables for high blood pressure
Almost any vegetable which is rich in nitrates will be good for people who suffer from hypertension.. This is because nitrates have a direct impact on the circulatory system. Primarily it is the nitric oxide which regulates the blood pumping activity by altering the nitric oxide in body. It is possible to control the overall speed of heart and thus contain the problem of high blood pressure.

Beetroot Juice and High Blood Pressure
A study was conducted by Professor Ben Benjamin and Professor Amrita Ahluwalia of London School of Medicine has proven that Beetroot Juice is especially helpful for people who have high blood pressure. Two groups of otherwise healthy individuals who have high blood pressure were chosen and one of them was given beetroot juice to drink. The individuals were observed for some time.

After preliminary tests it was found that the people who were given beetroot juice showed a significant normalization in their blood pressure levels. The study was published in February 2008 issue of blood pressure related journal 'Hypertension' and has proven to a large extent that any doubts which remain about vegetables not being effective against high blood pressure are just unfounded.

Vegetables for low blood pressure
Low blood pressure or Hypotension can also be treated equally easily by the usage of vegetables and other herbal remedies. First option is the beetroot juice. The main aspect is that the beetroot juice helps normalize blood pressure in both directions. It works as good for low blood pressure problems as it works for the high blood pressure problems. The is because of its capability to normalize the nitric oxide levels in our body. The result is that if you have a low blood pressure it will be increased to the normal levels and if you have high blood pressure it will be lowered to the desired levels.

Indian Spikenard is another great way get rid of low blood pressure problems. While not technically a vegetable, raisins are also a good way to treat your low blood pressure related problems. All in all, any vegetable that is rich in Vitamin B and C and has a good amount of protein will help treat low blood pressure problems.